Milo Ruble

From Transphobic To Transgender

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The fifth episode of realdrseattle® tells the story of Milo Ruble, a young transman who was working to save up for surgery. Between education costs and a partner working towards a medical degree, it looked like it would take several more years before Milo could get top surgery.Finding Dr. Sajan’s TikTok about offering pro bono top surgery to a patient in financial need, Milo and his partner immediately applied for the program. He was selected and underwent top surgery with Dr. Sajan where he desired a flat chest with no nipples.See Milo’s entire journey in the latest episode of realdrseattle. Every top surgery experience looks vastly different and Dr. Sajan highlights a patient's unique journey in his documentary series, realdrseattle. Learn more and watch online at https://www.realdrseattle.tv/


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Dr. Javad Sajan

Milo Ruble