Mercedes Christion

I Feel Like A Woman

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The second episode of realdrseattle® tells the story of Mercedes Christion. Mercedes had a breast augmentation with Dr. Sajan. After coming to an impasse in her life, Mercedes decided to pursue breast augmentation because she always wanted larger breasts. She came to Dr. Sajan because she was impressed with his work.

On the day of surgery, her nurse identified a dermal piercing that Mercedes was unable to remove. This places her at higher risks of burns. She also had an undisclosed piercing that--if not removed--would cancel the surgery. Watch as Mercedes and Dr. Sajan prepare for surgery, the placement of her breast implants, and her life after surgery. Learn why Mercedes chose to undergo breast augmentation and how her breast implants changed her perspective.


Mercedes Christion

Justine Fernandez

Gyna Huynh

Robby Frondozo

Production Coordinator

Austen Beard


Alexander Cheseborough


Sabrina Sajan

Created By

Dr. Javad Sajan