Blake Dotson

I Never Wanted These Scars

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realdrseattle® is a series created by Dr. Javad Sajan that tells the real stories of transgender and plastic surgery patients. Following each patient from before surgery until they have made a full recovery, realdrseattle® places the focus on the patients for a unique plastic surgery story every episode.

The inaugural episode features Blake Dotson. Blake is a transgender patient who underwent FTM top surgery with Dr. Sajan. Having thought of surgery since he was in high school, Blake finally had his consultation with Dr. Sajan in December 2019. Blake shares his hopes for surgery, his surgery, and the scars he never wanted in the first place.

Watch Blake’s surgery from the day before through nearly two months after.


Blake Dotson

Lisa Dotson

Gricelda Prado

Angela Turingan

Gyna Huynh

Litzuli Campuzano

Patrick Klimczyk

Shelby Houghton


Alexander Cheseborough


Sabrina Sajan

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Dr. Javad Sajan