Kelli Du Pont

Trans Queen | Facial Feminization Documentary

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In this episode of realdrseattle, Kelli Du Pont shares her incredible story of a turbulent childhood, restoring relationships, and bringing harmony to her identity. Growing up in a tiny, conservative town in Montana, Kelli knew she was a woman when she was five years old. Throughout this process, she shares the beauty in forgiving others and finding the courage to be yourself. She takes us through her facial feminization surgery with Dr. Sajan, who gives Kelli the final piece to feeling like her true self. Dr. Sajan uses a combination of procedures during the facial feminization surgery to bring Kelli’s unique beauty to the surface and change how Kelli, and the world, perceive her. Dr. Sajan reveals the process of facial feminization surgery, recovery, and transformation in his documentary series realdrseattle.


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Dr. Javad Sajan